Alisha Stone

Digital solutions & delivery specialist


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

Production for Butterfly


Year: April 2020 - July 2021

Role: Digital Producer

Company: Butterfly

More info:


  • Staff happiness & productivity
  • Requirements elicitation & scoping
  • Scheduling & communicating priorities
  • Expectation management, IT governance
  • Reporting to internal & external parties
  • Keeping work on track & budget
  • Implementing & documenting information/processes
  • Waterfall & Agile processes
  • Client communications
  • Product ownership


Types of projects I worked on:

  • Varying budgets: from 10k - 300k+
  • SaaS products, complex website infrastructure updates, website feature additions
  • Website & digital presence discovery (uncovering requirements, product strategy, consulting on digital solutions)
  • Preparation of roadmaps and statements of work
  • Internal process improvements

Product Owner on a B2B SaaS platform created in-house. I was responsible for the specification and development of the initial release, and I managed ongoing improvements, feature strategy, and production pipelines. Along with this, I championed the creation of support services that accompany the platform, ensuring the process of onboarding and requests are handled smoothly from start to finish.


Butterfly provides leading digital solutions covering brand, web, apps, and digital strategy.

In my agency life, I performed the role of a 'Digital Producer', which is a hybrid role that combines the skills of Business Analyst / Project Manager / Digital Solutions. I loved nothing more than seeing product and business goals met through the delivery of features—particularly after working closely with my team through design/development/QA/DevOps.

I enjoyed the opportunity in my day to day to:

  • Manage projects from start to finish (experience with software upgrades, feature updates, and new builds)
  • Strategise and implement digital production roadmaps
  • Work closely with clients and the Butterfly team
  • Communicate requirements to different departments and ensure comprehensive understanding
  • Work through design and development challenges and find solutions that align with goals (and fit within constraints)
  • Provide safe spaces for project discussion and brainstorming
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation
  • Constantly reassess and reprioritise tasks, whilst maintaining focus
  • Find the balance between shipping work within time/budget, but completing to standards the team are proud of

One of my favourite tasks was to lead discovery sessions in a production and business analyst capacity—I relished the chance to discuss ideas, uncover requirements, and bring them into a cohesive whole. This is a challenging but fantastic process to go through, and my generalist background allows me to clearly communicate expectations amongst a diverse team.

My main (and most fulfilling) priority was to ensure that the wonderful team I worked with had everything they needed to complete their tasks, and that they are motivated and happy to come into the office each day.

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