Alisha Stone

Digital solutions & delivery specialist


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

Interstellar Smackdown 3


Year: 2017

Role: Creative Director

Company: Myriad Games Studio

More info: IS3 on


  • Unity game engine
  • 3D model creation (Blender)
  • Game design & concept generation
  • 2D asset creation
  • C# scripting
  • Git version control
  • UI design & implementation
  • Affinity Designer/Photo
  • UX & usability
  • Creation of marketing collateral


Interstellar Smackdown 3 is a small game created in an internal game jam held over 48 hours in 2017. We wanted to have a short break on our major project, so we decided to work on this game to learn some new skills and get comfortable with creating something quickly and moving on.

I was responsible for all art assets for the game, as well as the implementation of the UI. I wanted to create an art style that had a neon sci-fi theme, to force myself out of my comfort zone. This was a project that highlighted the importance of not being too precious when a tight deadline looms.

We completed a build of the game after the weekend was over, and brought it along to a TasGM meet up so that others could enjoy the game. The mechanics require two players to work together, so it was satisfying to see the smiles on people's faces when playing alongside each other!

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