Alisha Stone

Business Analyst / Creative Director


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

Brand for
Myriad Games Studio


Year: 2016

Role: Creative Director

Company: Myriad Games Studio

More info:


  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Commercial design
  • Brand consultation
  • Creation of marketing collateral (business cards, promotional images etc.)


We are a small team based in Hobart, Tasmania, who aim to make games that focus on narrative and immersive worlds.

Due to the low amount of games opportunities in Tasmania, we founded the company to give ourselves the chance to learn how to make, market, and release indie games ourselves.

My skills working with new businesses and branding helped us to create a refined brand image, which portrays the company’s focus on storytelling and the exploration of different experiences and perspectives.

My main responsibility was to refine and prepare the final logo (based on a rough concept from another team member) and to create all the accompanying collateral, making sure that the presentation of our brand is consistent and eye-catching.

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