Alisha Stone

Business Analyst / Creative Director


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

Marketing collateral for
Where the Snow Settles


Year: 2018

Role: Creative Director

Company: Myriad Games Studio

More info: PAX Aus: Rising 2018


  • Marketing strategy
  • Graphic design (print + digital)
  • Mailchimp campaign creation
  • Content writing + management
  • Booth signage


For Myriad Game Studio's trip over to showcase Where the Snow Settles at PAX Rising Australia, I created a range of marketing collateral to help drive interest and engagement in the game. This collateral included t-shirts, an online email signup form, email campaigns, booth signage, and postcards.

We had to be very particular about what we produced, as we were on an incredibly tight budget (in terms of time and money). The aim of this collateral was to make sure WtSS stood out from the rest of the booths as much as possible, whilst still communicating the essence of the game at a glance.

The final suite of collateral was incredibly effective in filtering our audience—seats were filled almost 100% of the time (which is great for a 10 minute demo) and majority of the audience completed the entire experience.

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