Alisha Stone

Digital solutions & delivery specialist


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

Production & development
for Neon Jungle


Year: 2017 - 2018

Role: Producer and Web Applications Engineer

Company: Neon Jungle

More info:


  • Staff happiness & productivity
  • Requirements elicitation & scoping
  • Scheduling & communicating priorities
  • Expectation management
  • Keeping work on track & budget
  • Implementing & documenting information/processes
  • Waterfall & Agile inspired processes
  • Client communications
  • Sales, quoting, tender submissions
  • Business & marketing strategy
  • HTML, CSS (Sass), BEM Methodology
  • JavaScript/React
  • Python, Django, Jinja2
  • Wagtail CMS
  • Task prioritisation & allocation
  • Architecture of frontend components
  • Git version control
  • Quality assurance
  • API integration (e.g. Mailchimp, Google Maps)


Neon Jungle produces a wide range of active projects and ongoing client work covering brand, design, and web. I started as a Web Applications Engineer, but moved quickly into a production role.

While in this role I was responsible for ~15 active clients at any one time, ensuring that projects were delivered on time, on budget, and always exceeding expectations.

Sales, scheduling, priority/task management, invoicing, and staff/client communication were all tasks I deal with day-to-day.

I drove business strategy, focused on improving processes, and always kept an eye out for staff wellbeing. While in this role I implemented a range of new processes that have turned the company from reactive to proactive. Our staff had less mental load, client relationships were stronger, and budget vs expenditure ratios have been improved.

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