Alisha Stone

Business Analyst / Creative Director


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

Brand strategy and
marketing for TasGM


Year: April 2019 - present

Role: Producer, graphic designer

Company: Tasmanian Game Makers

More info:


  • Brand direction + strategy
  • Production + management
  • Working with contractors
  • Marketing strategy + implementation
  • Graphic design + content creation


In mid 2019 the Tasmanian Game Development Society rebranded to Tasmanian Game Makers. I initiated and led this project as I wanted to help guide this community in a direction that’s more inclusive, approachable, and vibrant—just like the games that are made by its members!

I started this project with the creation of a rebranding brief that outlined the project constraints, requirements, and brand tone (personality, values, goals). Once approved by the board, I worked with local designer Emily Thain from Thane Made to direct the creation of the new logo mark and identity. I provided feedback and information until we were happy with the end result.

Based on the logo mark and brand concepts (seen in the first image below) I created all collateral surrounding this new identity, which includes social profiles, website, and written content.

This rebrand lined up with Melbourne International Games Week—an opportunity for us to showcase the new identity to the national game making community. The new identity has been received exceptionally well, with interstate makers exclaiming surprise that Tasmania is punching above its weight.

I still maintain all brand asset creation and marketing communications for TasGM as a part of my general board member role.

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