Alisha Stone

Digital solutions & delivery specialist


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria



Year: 2015

Role: UI & Unity implementation

Company: Side project


  • Unity game engine
  • 2D asset creation
  • C# Scripting
  • Git version control
  • Game design & concept generation
  • UI design & implementation
  • Creative Cloud suite


This game was the first small game completed together by members of the Myriad Games Studio team. It was born from a game jam in 2015 and was my first dive into game jam type events.

We revisited our original prototype made at the game jam and decided to tidy it up as if it were ready for release, so we could learn about all the different disciplines that need to come together to make a polished game. This project opened up my eyes to the complexity involved and dedication required to release a game.

For this project, I worked on creative direction, translating 2d art assets from paper to digital form, cleaning them up to create the 2d environments, and UI.

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