Alisha Stone

Business Solutions Analyst


Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria

The glue in creative teams.

Business Solutions Analyst at RACV

Co-founder + Creative Director
at Myriad Games Studio


Hi—I’m Alisha; I spend my time investigating, consulting on, and creating digital things.

Day-to-day I collaborate with product, marketing, development, and design to create digital solutions that align with business goals and adhere to industry standards.

My journey started in contemporary arts, eventually steered towards IT—and I now find myself sitting at the intersection of both. I’m a creator, planner, and supporter of those around me.

I’m also a proud generalist; I know how to communicate to different teams and understand a range of perspectives.

What I look out for:

  • Teams that I can support, empower, and become an indispensable part of.
  • Opportunities to remove barriers, assess processes, and inspire those around me to keep creating at their best.
  • The chance to write, communicate, plan, and strategise where possible.
  • I crave growth and mentorship (both learning from amazing people, and sharing my knowledge with others).
  • A good work + life balance is key, so that I can keep creating and contributing on the side.

Current employment

5 days per week at RACV.


Bachelor of Computing (University of Tasmania).

Major in computing, with minors in game development + contemporary art.


Are your teams feeling out-of-sync? Do projects seem to have a lot of hurdles and bumps in the road? Or just not sure what step to take next on the digital journey? Take a look at what I do, and feel free to say hello—I'm here to help 👋🏻

Kind words from others

The next generation of leaders the world needs are passionate, compassionate, intelligent, culturally aware, and gentle with themselves and how they balance their lives. Alisha is already all of these things!

I have no doubt in my mind that whichever path she chooses, her journey will be astronomical, and those that follow her will benefit greatly from her example and guidance.

Jason Imms

Director of Quality Assurance at Mighty Games, Founder of TasGM

Alisha’s impact on the business has been transformative. Not in a reference letter hyperbolic way, though it’s difficult for it to not seem that way, but honest, significant transformation.

Alisha has enacted, documented and automated many processes, increased profitability of our projects, increased spending from our existing clients and dramatically improved the confidence and happiness of our client base.

Casey Farrell

CEO @ Enterprize, Managing Director @ Neon Jungle

Alisha is the kind of person you want on your team—she is invaluable.

She's an efficient, critical and supportive worker who offers professional insight on varied projects of work.

Emily Thain

Brand & User Interface Designer, Concentrix

Alisha is a passionate, dedicated and hard working individual who always approaches her work with great care and an eye for detail.

She revels in both learning from the creative community as well as giving back by sharing her experiences.

Andrew Mendlik

Technical Artist, Myriad Games Studio

Alisha always elevates the people around her. She is a caring and supportive team member who is particularly skilled in helping others overcome obstacles.

She leads by example with her dedication and professionalism towards each and every task. I often come home at the end of the day and express to my family how brilliant a decision Neon Jungle made in bringing Alisha into our team.

Jonny Scholes

Technical Director, Neon Jungle

In many ways Alisha is the glue in our team—she strengthens relationships, takes onboard our concerns, and does whatever else she can to make our roles (and days) more productive and enjoyable.

And of course in addition to all this Alisha is really fun to work with!

Luke Morgan

Art Director, Neon Jungle